Swiss Metabolomics Society Travel Awards to Osaka !

The Swiss Metabolomics Society is providing two Travel Awards to attend Metabolomics 2024 in Osaka in the amount of 500 CHF each. These awards are dedicated to assisting attendees from a Swiss organization. Must be a PhD student or post-doc within 5 years of obtaining PhD. 

When you submit your abstract, simply check the box to be considered for a Metabolomics Society Travel Award before the March 7 deadline. Must attend the conference in person and present your work to receive the award payment.  

Training and Networking Metabolomics Initiative 2023

The Swiss Metabolomics Society is happy to support the monthly training and networking initiative 2023 proposed by Nicola Zamboni.

It will cover very interesting and diverse topics through various forms such as lab visits, roundtables, hands-on demos, hackathons, etc.

A Slack workspace dedicated to this great initiative is open to foster communication among all interested people.

Link to join slack:

Don’t hesitate to join this great initiative!