Postdoctoral Fellow – University Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Inselspital Bern, Switzerland

A PostDoc position in lipid metabolism and lipidomics/metabolomics is available at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry of the Inselspital in Bern. The project aims at understanding lipid metabolism in metabolic disorders. The team will investigate alterations in lipid metabolism and associated molecular mechanisms during disease progression in pre-clinical models and clinical studies using both computational and experimental models.

More details can be found here

Roche Postdoctoral Fellow (RPF) in Metabolomics-based Antibiotic Discovery – Roche Innovation Center Basel, Switzerland

A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in the Antibiotics Discovery and Omics Technology units to work on metabolomics guided natural product antibiotic research. The candidate will establish a state-of-the-art metabolomics platform for the analysis of bacterial metabolites. The position is available for 2-3 years and is a great opportunity to get experience in pharmaceutical R&D.

The detailed job description can be found here

Postdoctoral Fellow or Scientist in Mass Spectrometry – Department of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva

The group of Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin, in the Department of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland (Centre Médical Universitaire) is seeking a PostDoc or Scientist in Mass Spectrometry.
The Gavin’s group study lipid metabolism, the regulation of cellular membrane homeostasis, and their roles in human pathologies, e.g. infections and Alzheimer. They develop novel (bio)chemical methods integrating mass spectrometry, proteomics, lipidomics, microfluidics and bioinformatics to map cellular protein-lipid in health and disease, in close collaboration with computational biology groups, pharma industry, and clinicians.

More details can be found here

Postdoctoral scholar – Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan

The group of Prof. Robert Kennedy is seeking a post-doctoral scholar for a project supported by the NIH-funded National Center for Quantitative Analysis of Complex Biological Systems. This center has both a research mission, to develop new technology for omics analysis, and a service mission to provide advanced analytical capabilities to researchers around the country. The candidate will work in Ann Arbor on developing ultra-high pressure (up to 75 kpsi) LC-MS and LC-IMS-MS methods for complex mixtures. Part of the research effort will be a collaboration with Josh Coon’s group at Wisconsin to couple novel MS protocols to these methods and incorporate new technology into the center. Ideally the candidate has experience with HPLC or MS or informatics. The position is available immediately.

Interested candidates can send inquiries via email