PhD position – University of Geneva

A PhD position is currently available in applied metabolomics for a research endeavor funded by the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT). The goal of this PhD project is to investigate the toxicological effects of drug combination therapies on the metabolic pathways of different tumor types and cell models. For this purpose, the PhD student will learn and apply both cell culture techniques and metabolomic approaches to understand how cells adapt their metabolism when exposed to different toxicant combinations at low doses.

A detailed description can be found here

Lab technician position – Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Inselspital Bern

The LC-MS laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Inselspital in Bern is looking for a 50-60% lab technician to support its activities in drug and metabolite analysis for clinical studies. The main focus of the job will be on customized method development and sample analysis for research studies in the domain of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.

More information can be found here

Metabolomics Data Analysis Engineer – INRAE Saint-Genès-Champanelle

A metabolomics data analysis engineer position is open at the INRAE Human Nutrition Unit in Saint-Genès-Champanelle. This team develops research focused on understanding nutrition-health interactions, in order to prevent major metabolic disorders and dysfunctions associated with aging. The position is available on the Metabolic Exploration Platform (MEP), which is one of the 4 founding members of the infrastructure of excellence, MetaboHUB. The primary mission will be to design and organize the processing of metabolomic data from systems epidemiology studies.

More details can be found here (in french).

Permanent research engineer position – Metabolomics platform, Institut Pasteur

The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics HUB at Institut Pasteur is hiring a research engineer in bioinformatics/biostatistics/chemometrics, to be detached in the new metabolomics technological core facility team for developing non-targeted/targeted metabolomic/lipidomic approaches. This engineer (bioinformatician/chemometrician/data scientist) will perform (i) the analysis of metabolomics and lipidomics data, (ii) the development of tools for compounds annotation and (iii) the interpretation of metabolomics/lipidomics results.

More information here.

Postdoctoral position – Food Toxicant Laboratory, McGill University, Montreal

A postdoctoral position is available in food chemical fingerprinting at the Food Toxicant Laboratory of the McGill University in Montreal. The objective of the project is to compare different chemometric approaches for the authentication (floral origin, adulteration) of honey using LC-MS based fingerprints. This position is focused on food fraud detection and involves the developpement of Python based workflows to deploy classification models using a dataset of more than 300 LCMS fingerprints from honey samples obtained on different instruments.

More details can be found here.